RealTime IT News Opens Online Superstore launched the Automotive Superstore, a virtual shopping center offering a range of automotive products and services.

The store will provide consumers with a variety of resources related to buying, selling, financing, insuring, repairing and maintaining a vehicle. The store's anchor "tenant" will be book superseller, which will provide automotive-related literature and reference material.

In addition to third-party brands, the Automotive Superstore also will feature its own branded products and services, such as Roadside Rescue, a 24-hour roadside emergency assistance program launched by the company last month. Roadside Rescue provides consumers with roadside assistance as well as planning trips and ordering maps online.

The company said it plans to bring a variety of additional automotive service vendors and products, including car accessories, to its virtual mall in the future.

Founded in November 1994, is an online brand for new and used cars, offering a network of dealers.

The company has several strategic partnerships and affiliations with Yahoo!, State Farm Insurance, NationsBank, C NET's, Netscape Communications, Lycos, and Car and Driver Online.