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Lycos Deploys Seven of PersonaLogic's Interactive Decision Guides

Lycos and PersonaLogic Inc., a provider of interactive decision guides for enabling effective e-commerce, launched seven such guides on Lycos targeted at consumers looking for an enhanced shopping experience.

Powered by PersonaLogic, the new Lycos decision guides are geared towards making complex decisions easier for things such as cars, colleges, camcorders, dogs, bikes, cities to live in and cruises.

"By deploying PersonaLogic's interactive decision guides, we are extending our personalization offerings and providing our users with a new level of online pre-sales assistance," said Bob Davis, CEO of Lycos.

Said Steve Tomlin, president and CEO of PersonaLogic: "Our interactive decision guides act as the 'qualifying' stage in the electronic commerce sales cycle, making better matches with consumers and the sellers of goods and services."

The Lycos decision guides, accessed by logging onto decisionguide.lycos.com, simplify complex decisions by walking users through a series of easy, intuitive questions about a variety of product and service characteristics.

When researching a car, for example, consumers can specify their points of view on characteristics such as price, type of car, safety features and head room.

PersonaLogic's interface allows users to express both requirements and preferences. They can also specify whether a particular feature is "nice to have' or is mandatory, and they're asked to make trade-offs between lower price/higher reliability, better safety/higher performance, etc. The result is an ordered list of cars that provide the best overall fit for each user's needs.