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Consumer Barter Site Set to Launch

International Barter Corp. in Seattle said it is beta testing an online site for bartering products and services that will be launched as Ubarter.com on July 20.

Steven White, president and CEO of Ubarter.com, said it is "the first site to promote the concept of 'barter' for the general Internet user" and differs from existing auction and classified sites that sell for cash only.

The 10 main categories for trade include electronics, vehicles, vacations, timeshares & travel, home furnishings and business-related items. Users will be able to post items they would like to make available for barter or peruse posted listings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

White stated, "We are thrilled about this new venue for barter and trade. Via the Internet, the doors have opened for consumers and businesses to reach a market of millions of potential traders. Goods and services purchased on the Web are predicted to grow at a rate of 1000% through the year 2001 and we want to create a strong electronic commerce position for IBC, the parent of Ubarter. Everyone has something to trade; Ubarter.com maximizes the potential."

The new barter online program was designed and hosted by Internet Business Services in Anaheim, CA, utilizing iCat electronic commerce software to develop the site.

IBC offers barter services to retail, professional, corporate and media clients. Clients are assigned a personal 'Trade Broker' via IBC's regional offices that continually assists clients in buying and selling opportunities.