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Impulse! Buy Network Signs New Channel Partners

Impulse! Buy Network Inc. said it has a variety of new channel partners that will be featuring Impulse! Point-of-Purchase displays on their Web sites.

New partners include Alexa Internet, Catalina Marketing's Supermarkets Online, Catalogsite, Coolshopping.com, Guthy-Renker Internet's Choice Mall, iVillage, Internet Broadcasting System, go2net, Metromail's DV2U, Netcentives, NetDeals.com, Planet Direct, and Third Age Media. Other distribution partners include advertising network IMGIS and leading e-mail service, InfoBeat.

Financial terms of the various arrangements were not disclosed.

Impulse! Point-of-Purchase displays contain offers on name-brand merchandise from more than 50 participating merchants, including Cyberian Outpost, Egghead, Land's End, MicroWarehouse, Omaha Steaks and Sharper Image.

Point-of-Purchase 'Impulse Racks' are hosted on partners' sites. A single 'Impulse Rack' holds a continuous stream of scrolling offers from a variety of merchants that consumers can click on to view more information and then make a purchase.

Each merchant creates its own offers, which can take the form of reward points, bundled products, discount items, auctions, free delivery, rising price or falling price special. All feature real-time "countdowns" that remind people to 'act now' before quantities disappear.

By participating in the Impulse! Buy Network, partners can conduct e-commerce directly on their sites. Since all Impulse! transactions are completed on the Channel Partner site, once a purchase is completed, consumers are sent directly back to the referring URL, the company said, assuring that sites do not lose any pageviews.

Partners receive commission revenue, and those that wish to utilize their unsold advertising inventory can insert a simple ad tag for specialized Impulse! banners.