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Citiquest.com Signs Deal with eBay

National city-centric network CitiQuest.com signed an agreement with eBay that provides its users direct access to eBay listings in specific geographic locations.

From the CitiQuest.com city homepages, CitiQuest.com users will have direct access via an eBay icon to any one of eBay's current 53 regional homepages or to the eBay homepage. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

eBay recently launched a nationwide network of 53 local sites where community members can find items located near them and browse through items of local interest.

The site also provides a more convenient venue for trading items that are difficult to ship long distances, such as cars, furniture or sporting goods

CitiQuest.com launched a network of city-centric portals last September and now says it reaches over 850 communities nationwide.

CitiQuest.com provides consumers with local information through a menu-driven database of more than 11 million businesses, and more than 2,500 categories in the directory's menu system.