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Stock Exchange-Like E-Commerce App Launched

Internet start-up @TheMoment Inc. launched with its flagship product, called Live Dynamic Trading Suite, which enables the trading of goods and services like shares on a stock exchange.

The company said that travel management company Rosenbluth International and business-to-business auction site DoveBid have chosen the app to power their exchanges.

@TheMoment said the product suite enables forward and reverse auctions, weighted multi-criteria exchange and live trading. Users can buy, sell and bid on dynamically priced goods at the moment -- like traders on a stock exchange.

The technology allows all users to receive instant updates on market information via the interface. The scaleable platform can handle up to 10,000 traders per second, the company said.

"We founded this company to electrify the static world of Internet exchanges and to help make e-commerce markets more efficient," said Larry Frye, president and chief executive officer of @TheMoment.

"The economy is moving toward dynamic pricing as a more efficient way to buy and sell goods and services, especially perishable goods. Our Live Dynamic Trading Suite will allow e-commerce sites, and consumers, to experience truly efficient live markets."