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Salary Zone Tells How Much You're Worth--for a Fee

They keep coming up with new wrinkles to make a buck on the Web, and this one, a recent launch called The Salary Zone, relates directly to the bucks you make.

The Salary Zone provides answers to your salary questions from real human beings who'll search the archives of salary surveys by business-management publisher IOMA, plus those of all the leading compensation firms. Within 24 hours and for $40, you can learn where you fit in on the bell curve for your job. Then it's: "Hey boss, got a minute?"

"Purchasing even the cheapest salary survey costs at least several hundred dollars," said Laime Vaitkus, editor of IOMA's Report on Salary Surveys and supervisor of the Salary Zone's research team. "The Salary Zone's unique search feature will save money--not to mention endless hours of frustration for both individual job hunters and corporate professionals. We get tons of phone calls and e-mails every day from people at their wit's end trying to find detailed compensation information for specific positions. Now they can just go to The Salary Zone."

Users can choose two demographic factors out of the following six: Years of experience; Gender; Region/city/state; Management responsibility; Size of company; and Education level. For an additional fee, users can add more demographic factors. The search can be as general as a job title or as complicated as needed.

The IOMA Business Management site also includes articles from IOMA's Report on Salary Surveys, a Job Opportunities bulletin board, a Compensation Specialist's bulletin board, and Salary Surveys of the Month.