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C2B Unveils Product Info, Comparison Shopping Platform

C2B Technologies Inc. launched a Web site that provides consumers with integrated e-commerce and product information.

C2B said its search engine returns information not just from online merchants, but also from local, classified, and auction listings as well.

In addition, C2B said it gives consumers information by partnering with brand-name content providers for product information, comparisons, feature explanations, and relevance-ranking tools, as well as information from bulletin-board postings. Frequent-buyer incentives are also offered.

Already, C2B includes nearly 1 million products from over 200 name-brand merchants, in nearly a dozen popular product categories, the company said.

Partners include Delphi Forums, LookSmart, MasterCard International, and WhoWhere/AngelFire.

A demo of the C2B shopping platform, which is being offered to destination sites as a privately labeled service, is available here.

"To offer price comparison and call it online shopping is like giving someone a bucket of sand and calling it a Hawaiian vacation," said Greg Newman, senior vice president marketing and sales and co-founder of C2B Technologies.

"Some people know which product they want, and are concerned only about price. But today, many people use the Web to learn about an entire product category, and want to know the experts' recommendations, which features to look for, the return policies, and the warranties of merchants. Someone looking for running shoes, for instance, may not know which brand or model is best for them, and may even prefer to buy from a local store, instead of an online merchant. C2B is the only shopping solution to provide such informative, complete content, all from within one shopping experience."

Merchants on the C2B platform include BuySafe.com, eMusic, Laura Ashley, Red Rocket, Reel.com, Cyberian Outpost, Software.net and The Company Store.

The C2B Shopping Engine offers a virtual catalog that includes listings from online stores, Web classifieds, online auctions and neighborhood stores,

The Product Guide is made to enable comparison and provide community-based experiential information on products and categories. The Assistant System marries content with product and service recommendations. The C2B Assistants deliver content from name-brand editorial and celebrity or industry experts, and meld that information with shopping assistants which guide consumers along the decision-making process with questions and tailored product and service suggestions, the company said.

The Shopping Engine is available now; the Product Guide is scheduled for launch next quarter; and the first C2B Assistants will be unveiled in early next year, the company said.