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Peapod Plans Co-Marketing Programs

Online grocery firm Peapod Inc. launched a new Internet Traffic Exchange Program to conduct co-marketing programs with Web sites that match the interests and needs of Peapod's grocery shopping audience.

The program expands on typical link trading arrangements, which only exchange text links. "It encompasses a full range of tactics to drive traffic between sites, including both text and graphical hyperlinks, references in e-mail newsletters, and the use of other media vehicles," said Randy Pickard, director of electronic marketing for Peapod.

"For Peapod, it means that we can offer our members direct access to additional compelling, relevant content and commerce opportunities. For our partners, it means a steady traffic stream of qualified customers who are already shopping online," he said.

Customers shopping through Peapod will be exposed to a selection of suggested partner sites each time they complete a Peapod online grocery shopping session. The company stated that partner sites are being chosen based on demographic and psychographic analyses to ensure that they match the interests of the Peapod audience. The sites will be presented on a comprehensive page that will include a logo and description of the partnering site.