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Report: 22% of Web Users Have Shopped for Airline Tickets

@plan in Stamford, CT, a provider of research about consumer behavior on the Web, said its latest figures show that 22% of active adult (18+) Web users have shopped online for airline tickets or reservations during the past six months.

Next to software, travel is the single largest "shopped" e-commerce category, the company said.

"The @plan data demonstrates tremendous growth for the airline industry on the Internet," said Mark Wright, CEO of @plan. "In the last six months, the number of consumers shopping online for airline tickets and reservations has increased by 49% and we expect continued rapid growth in this category."

The @plan consumer database is built from a random representative survey of 40,000 active adult users of the Internet. The maximum sampling error for any reported proportion is + or - 1.1%, the company says.

The @plan database is updated every 90 days with 10,000 new completed questionnaires from active adult Web users with the oldest 10,000 questionnaires being retired. @plan claims 175 clients, including major corporations, traditional and interactive advertising agencies, online retailers and online publishers.