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Corporate Training E-Commerce Site Launched

TrainSeek.com launched as a new e-commerce training marketplace that allows corporate buyers to find, preview, compare and purchase training products and services.

The new site was designed to serve training buyers in business, manufacturing, government, healthcare and education and features aggregated content from more than 1,000 suppliers of CD-ROMs, software and online courses, as well as videos, books, manuals and leader-led seminars on information technology, safety training, management and supervisory skills, marketing and sales, customer service and leadership.

TrainSeek.com also offers online product previews.

"By aggregating the wide array of training products on one convenient, easy-to-use e-commerce site, TrainSeek.com offers a compelling value to the suppliers of training products, who will now see their products exposed to a broader universe of buyers," said Gary L. Crocker, chairman of the TrainSeek.com board.

"Likewise, corporate buyers of training products will enjoy a significant compression of the current long and complex purchasing cycle. As our focus is solely on distribution and not on producing training products of our own, we intend to become a neutral market for training products -- trusted by supplier and buyer alike."

"We think the corporate training industry is particularly suited to online purchasing because of the fragmentation of the industry and the difficulty buyers have in making good, timely buying decisions," said Rob Chipman, president of TrainSeek.com.

"Our research shows that the time-consuming nature of the search for good training products is the No. 1 impediment to sales at this time."

TrainSeek.com recently completed a $5.5 million second round of private-equity financing, which was managed by Fine Equities Inc., a New York investment bank. The initial round of venture funding, utilized to build the Web site and recruit training product suppliers, was provided by Crocker Ventures LLC.