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Affiliated Networks Partners With GTE

Affiliated Networks, Inc. announced today that it entered into an affinity marketing agreement with GTE Internetworking, an ISP division of telecommunications firm GTE Corp.

Under terms of the agreement, Affiliated will market its e-commerce products, MAREX, and MEDx to an audience of 300,000 independent marine, medical, and dental businesses, which reportedly generate combined annual purchases of over $140 billion. Affiliated will also market GTE's consumer and small business dial-up Internet access service to its current and potential customers.

Affiliated's business-to-business e-commerce products are anticipated to handle all facets of shipping, assist in payment, and tracing of items bought and sold, the company said.

"We are continually looking to broaden our customer base for our consumer and small business Internet dial-up service," stated David Schnitzer, Marketing Manager at GTE Internetworking. "Our relationship with Affiliated provides us with access to a new industry."

GTE Internetworking's consumer and small-business dial-up Internet access service is available nationwide. Affiliated Networks, Inc. is an e-commerce company and information provider that works to develop e-commerce solutions for business and distribution of financial information services.