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ProShop 2.03 Creates Virtual Stores

NetResults Corp. announced the availability of ProShop 2.03, an electronic commerce system.

ProShop is designed designed for creating and operating online business-to-business Web stores. It is aimed at vendors who want to provide online service, but are not necessarily Web savvy. Knowledge of HTML is not required.

By providing product information, ProShop creates an individualized store with full support for navigation, shopping carts, searching, order processing, secured payment, and other services. The company said that each of these stores can have its unique product items and unique pre-negotiated prices.

"The Web stores will save the vendors a tremendous amount of money in processing orders by automating and streamlining the operations, reducing error, and eliminating the cost of publishing a paper catalog," said Ed Lingo, VP of Engineering at NetResults.

"The system is also expected to help increase sales by making it easier for corporate customers to buy from these vendors. It's a win-win situation: both the vendors and their customers save time and money by using the ProShop system."

According to the company, all ProShop functions are accessible from any Web browser, enabling merchants to manage these stores remotely. ProShop Release 2 is designed to provide virtual mall support that facilitates the creation and management of multiple shops.

Pricing for ProShop 2.03 starts at $1995 for one store, with additional fees for additional stores.

NetResults Corp. is an Internet software company that provides software products and customer solutions that address real needs related to the Internet, including e-commerce, browsers and CD-ROM information.