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Thumbs Up: Reel.com Partners With Chicago Sun-Times

Online video store Reel.com Inc. entered a partnership with the Chicago Sun-Times Online that gives Reel.com strategic placement within the Sun-Times Web site.

The Sun-Times will link from Roger Ebert's movie reviews to Reel.com's online store, providing a method for visitors to purchase films and also access Reel's other services. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

Reel.com offers more than 85,000 movie titles, movie information, and knowledgeable recommendations.

"Partnering with Reel.com provides our visitors with the perfect marriage of content and accessibility," said Fred Lebolt, director of online publications for the Chicago Sun-Times. "By providing a quick and easy link from our Roger Ebert movie reviews to the Reel.com site, our viewers gain access to the most comprehensive collection of videos, DVDs, and laserdiscs available anywhere on the Internet."

The Sun-Times Online features a section devoted to columnist Roger Ebert called "Ebert on Movies."

This area contains Ebert's recent film reviews along with a catalog of his column dating back to 1985. It also offers Ebert's bite-size "One-Minute" movie reviews, "Interviews and Essays," a listing of his all-time "Great Movies" and even a Q&A area where visitors can pose questions about all things cinematic. Reel.com will be accessible from all of these areas.