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Egghead.com to Use Electron Economy Applications

Internet retailer Egghead.com signed with managed e-business services company Electron Economy to use its Internet Transaction Operations Network (ITON) for e-commerce transportation and delivery management.

Egghead.com plans to use the ITON technology platform to evaluate freight and transportation costs and to measure delivery effectiveness.

Electron Economy will use "Intelligent Commerce Agents" within ITON that will audit the entire transportation management network and provide improved intelligence about freight expenses and shipment status. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"ITON is an open and extensible platform that enables clients like Egghead.com to quickly implement a system to manage, track and audit multiple systems and partners with immediate results," said Vincent Gulisano, co-founder and executive vice president of Electron Economy. "By outsourcing, Egghead.com can focus on its core competencies"

Previously, Egghead.com used a manual process to match invoices to shipments in order to ensure that service level agreements were being met, and to determine freight costs.

Electron Economy is leveraging the ITON platform as the foundation for a suite of hosted e-business services and partnerships in consulting, technology and operations management services.