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Affinia Enhances Its Storefront Service

Affinia upgraded its flagship Affinity Storefront service, adding an improved compensation model, easy generation of performance-enhancing contextual Commerce Links, and a storefront directory designed to boost traffic to sites using the service.

"To enhance the Affinia service, we first identified the secrets of the most successful affiliates, then turned them into easy-to-use features," said Kris Hagerman, founder and chief executive officer of Affinia.

The compensation model was changed from per-click referral fees to commissions on sale of products. Now, rather than getting paid 10 or 15 cents for sending a referral to a merchant, Affinia storefront owners can earn up to 25 percent of the purchase price for sales they drive, the company said.

Making this possible is a "plug-and-play" affiliate management system that gives site owners an easy way to manage all of their merchant affiliate relationships. The new system combines the affinity merchandising capabilities Affinia has pioneered with new consolidated tracking, reporting, and payment of sales commission features.

Another upgrade is a new feature that automates the generation of "Commerce Links." These product placements can be contextualized by any site owner, using a cut-and-paste methodology. Unique attributes of the Commerce Links system include multiple merchandising options (four styles of placement per product) a dynamic update of the placements to maintain accuracy, and an e-mail alert system for stale links, the company said.

As a service to sites using its affinity storefront service, Affinia created Gurutree, a topical shopping directory that showcases many of the 65,000 storefronts created with the Affinia service. Shoppers can browse Gurutree to find affinity storefronts on topics as diverse and vertically focused as African American literature, Elvis Presley, or the U.S. Civil War.

For owners of vertical content sites, the directory represents a new way to gain visibility and acquire traffic, the company said.