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QDesign Provides Scalable Audio

InterTrust Technologies Corp., the MetaTrust Utility, and QDesign Corp. Tuesday inked a technology partnership for the use of QDesign's audio codec technology in MetaTrust-Certified audio applications.

The partnership is aimed at developing a digital rights management (DRM) enabled, scalable audio format for digital streaming applications. Further, QDesign and InterTrust will work together to integrate DRM technology into the Windows version of the recently released MVP audio/video player, a cross-platform (for MacOS and Windows) software application for recording and playback of digital music and videos.

Adding the QDesign scalable audio code to the growing list of DRM-enabled audio formats (MP3, AAC, and others) will result in more digital music commerce options for music player companies, content owners and consumers.

The QDesign Music code is optimized to produce quality audio at data rates as low as 1 K-Bit per second. The combination of scalability and the latest QDesign audio technology allows a single encoded source file to serve a broad range of music products and services, from music download to personalized streaming Internet radio.

The "on-the-fly" scalability allows QDesign encoded audio to automatically fit to available storage (i.e., up to 5 times more audio than standard MP3 files on portable music players) as well as dynamically adapt to available bandwidth for Internet streaming.

"InterTrust provides the most comprehensive DRM technology for all digital content types," said Richard J. Beaton, president, QDesign Corporation. "By integrating InterTrust DRM with the scalability of the QDesign audio technology, we are providing content owners with the most robust system for creating, promoting, and delivering digital music around e-commerce."