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ViaTech Adds RSA Security Technology to VTCyberPak

RSA Data Security Inc. said that it licensed its widely used BSAFE encryption engine for use in ViaTech Inc.'s VTCyberPak e-commerce solution.

VTCyberPak incorporates try-and-buy capabilities, secure electronic purchases, electronic distribution and automated electronic licensing in a single product. Financial terms were not disclosed.

VTCyberPak said it uses RSA technology to provide secure communication between the customer's desktop and the clearinghouse in the purchasing phase. During online transactions, credit card numbers and purchase information are protected against eavesdropping.

BSAFE said it includes modules for popular security encryption techniques, such as RSA, DES, RC2, RC4, and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), and also supports digital signatures and certificates.

VTCyberPak is designed to allow software publishers to electronically package their software and distribute products on the company Web site or via CDs. Software publishers can also use VTCyberPak's banner advertising capabilities to create custom ads promoting new releases and upgrades.

Headquartered in Natick, MA, ViaTech provides products and professional services in the electronic software distribution (ESD) and software license management marketplaces.