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Survey: Nine Out of Ten Want to Pay Bills On Internet

More than nine out of ten respondents to a CyberCash Inc. online survey promoted by Digital City Inc. indicated they would like to use the Internet to view and pay bills.

Of the 819 respondents who completed the survey between July and August, 1998, 804 respondents (98%) said they would like to receive electronic versions of their monthly bills (i.e. credit card, utility, cable) for payment on the Internet.

"Even though these respondents represent a group of people already familiar with the Internet, the results dramatically demonstrate the promise of electronic bill payment," said Richard Crone, vice president and general manager of CyberCash.

"The survey reinforces the hunch that most purveyors of home banking services have had for years, namely, if you present the bill 'electronically' you are more likely to get paid electronically," Crone said.

Banners were placed on AOL's Digital City Washington, DC Web site linking respondents to a page, giving them the opportunity to complete a bill presentment and payment questionnaire.

Following the questionnaire, respondents were sent to a Web page detailing the opportunity to pay their bills from the Digital City site using CyberCash's PayNow Service.

Not surprisingly, the survey found that convenience was the key reason people would use an Internet billing service. Twenty-eight percent said eliminating the need for stamps, checks or mailing bills was the most important reason for using such a service, while 25 percent indicated that simplifying monthly bills was most important to them.