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E-Commerce Tax Compliance Service Launches

Sales Tax Clearinghouse launched a new Web site that offers a variety of sales tax compliance services for e-commerce companies, from determining and calculating rates to licensing, filing and remitting.

The company said the services are designed to meet the requirement proposed by the National Governor's Association for "zero burden" to merchants.

Sales Tax Clearinghouse said it is actively working with the Federation of Tax Administrators, which is preparing to implement a national sales tax administration program based on the proposal from the National Governor's Association, called a "Streamlined Sales Tax System for the 21st Century."

Merchants and Commerce Service Providers can subscribe to the complete range of services by integrating a small software module into their existing business systems that communicates with the STC's secure servers to determine and calculate rates and post completed transactions.

Sales Tax Clearinghouse transfers the collected taxes from the merchant's account to the respective tax authorities along with the appropriate filing information. There are no ongoing per-transaction charges.

However, the initial setup fee is $1,350 to get started, the company said. STC administers sales and use tax compliance for all merchants, whether online or off.