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USCI/Ameritel, Rare Medium to Launch E-commerce Site

USCI Inc. and its subsidiary Ameritel Communications Inc., a nationwide cellular services reseller, said that its recently launched Web site will be expanded to include e-commerce in a partnership with Rare Medium Inc.

USCI/Ameritel and Rare Medium said they entered into a letter of intent to form a joint venture to bring to the site online sales, marketing and customer service for USCI/Ameritel's national mass market distribution of wireless services.

Rare Medium is to outsource strategy and provide development expertise including building, maintaining and operating the site; complete online marketing support including advertising and promotion on all appropriate platforms; and Internet portal connectivity. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

The Web site, as contemplated, will also provide a ubiquitous IP-based platform allowing all of Ameritel's clients and their subscribers to activate Ameritel cellular services and provide customer service support. The site will contain background information about USCI/Ameritel, its products, services, and key contact information; provide an online activation process for USCI/Ameritel's wireless subscribers, customer service information, subscriber billing information, subscriber payment platform and third party product fulfillment capability.

"We chose Rare Medium because they are one of the leading experts at extending brands over the Internet, but more importantly, they provide a complete end-to-end solution from network integration to design and implementation," said Bruce Hahn, chairman and CEO of USCI. "The e-commerce site will allow USCI/Ameritel to leverage its nationwide coverage and Rare Medium's online marketing and promotional experience with the Internet into new distribution channels for increased growth nationwide."

USCI in Norcross, GA, through its subsidiaries, is the second largest nationwide non-facilities based carrier providing cellular services through mass market and direct response distribution channels. Its subsidiaries provide wireless coverage and billing to consumers for analog and digital cellular service, and debit cellular service and paging services.