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New Site Aims to Let You Close on a House Online

Realty Plus Online Inc., a pioneer in paperless transaction technology for the real estate industry, said it will launch CloseYourDeal.com, a secure site that automates the entire real estate transaction over the Internet, including the closing.

Realty Plus Online said it will deliver "the only system that brings all closing parties in a transaction together, to open, process, and close a deal online."

Realty Plus Online also announced partnerships with three industry players that have agreed to adopt and integrate with CloseYourDeal.com.

Digital Solutions Inc., a developer of escrow and title insurance software, and a Cal Land, a Marin County, CA title insurance and escrow provider, have both agreed to integrate CloseYourDeal.com with their internal systems. In addition, a la mode inc., a provider of appraisal software and services, has also agreed to adopt CloseYourDeal.com as part of its solutions.

"With advances in e-commerce, paperless transactions have now become a reality," said Kelly Pantis, president and chief executive officer of Realty Plus Online. "CloseYourDeal.com will revolutionize the way the real estate industry does business."

The company said CloseYourDeal.com allows real estate agents to place orders online and enter information on their deals directly from their MLS system. Users can instantly link to and communicate with all closing partners online, with access to deals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Agents can automatically place orders for other required services, including hazard reports and pest inspections, as the transaction is opened.

CloseYourDeal.com also can automatically notify you of critical dates and milestones, and allows you to request and transmit documents electronically.

CloseYourDeal.com is currently being implemented as a pilot program with local area real estate agents, title companies, and mortgage companies, and will roll out nationally this summer, the company said.

Realty Plus Online's flagship product is Fusion MLS, an Internet-based Multiple Listing Service system.