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Report: Online Buying Up 34% in Four Months

In sync with predictions of growth in the e-commerce industry, research firm Greenfield Online reported that online purchasing increased by 34% from April to August, 1998.

Greenfield Online's August Digital Consumer Shopping Index, sampled 2,400 "Digital Consumers" in the last 90 days. Among the findings:

  • 41 percent participated in an online auction
  • 26 percent bought computer software
  • 25 percent banked online
  • 25 percent bought books
  • 23 percent bought airline tickets
  • 12 percent made hotel or travel arrangements
  • 12 percent say they have traded stocks, mutual funds, bonds or options online at least once in the past and 65 percent said they plan to do more trading in the future.

Digital Consumers are defined by Greenfield as more affluent than the general adult population, with household income over $10,000 above the national average. In the study, users reported spending just over 20 hours per week on the Internet.

Today's report reflects predictions made by experts that e-commerce will boom in the near future. eMarketer in its "1998 eCommerce Report" said that consumer e-commerce will reach $26 billion by 2002, and Forrester research predicted $3.8 billion in e-commerce sales in America alone by 2002.