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Online Catalog Launched for Year 2000 Professionals

Looking Glass Partners in Indianapolis launched an online catalog targeted to the Year 2000 IT professional.

The site, www.y2kstuff.com, offers a variety of trademarked merchandise from mousepads, mugs and stressballs to apparel and even seasonal items such as golf and fitness wear.

The operation is the brainchild of Indianapolis entrepreneurs Albert Will and Hanna Irwin. Together, the two have more than 40 years of experience. Will spent the last 21 years running financial services, technology divisions and companies. Irwin is a marketing executive. Their new firm works primarily advising other clients, although, www.y2kstuff is their own proprietary business.

"Y2K Stuff is designed for the thousands of IT professionals and companies who will assure that our computers run flawlessly as we change over from the year 1999 to the new millennium and the year 2000," said Will. "While the focus on the year 2000 effort is huge, and continues to grow every day, we did not see much of a support system out there. In turn, we have created a plethora of 'stuff' just for the professionals doing the job."

Featuring the Y2K acronym trademarked last year by Looking Glass Partners, Y2Kstuff.com has been in consumer test the last six months, and results have been good, the company said.

"Based on the positive reaction, we are going ahead and rolling the site out and committing to adding merchandise monthly until well after the Year 2000 has come and gone," said manager Abby Marmion.

The site features AT&T SecureBuy software, and was developed in partnership with technology provider Pathway Technologies Inc.