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Promotions.com, FreeShop.com Team Up

Direct marketer FreeShop.com, Inc. and Promotions.com, Inc. signed a one-year promotion alliance to feature FreeShop's free and trial offers on Webstakes.com, the Promotions.com media property.

The seven-figure deal (specifics were not disclosed) for Promotions.com is expected to deliver a minimum of 1.5 million new customers for FreeShop, the companies said.

"This exclusive agreement is a great opportunity for us to bring millions of new consumers to the FreeShop Network and to reinforce FreeShop's position as the leading site for free and trial offers," said Tim Choate, president and chief executive officer of FreeShop.com.

FreeShop signed a "Platinum Direct Marketing" package on Webstakes.com, the site's most comprehensive sponsorship offering. The package includes guaranteed traffic to FreeShop through banners, buttons and text links for FreeShop offers on Webstakes.com, advertising opportunities in the Webstakes.com Update, a weekly newsletter that is delivered to more than 1.5 million Webstakes.com members and iDIALOG, the permission-based direct marketing technology that generates leads for marketers. Additionally, FreeShop will be the exclusive sponsor of the "free and trial offers" tab on each page of Webstakes.com.

The FreeShop Network includes FreeShop.com, featuring free and trial offers; CatalogSite, offering hundreds of free catalogs; and Worldwide Brochures, offering more than 15,000 free travel brochures.