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NetMall Gets a Face-Lift

American Information Systems Inc. in Chicago renovated its NetMall directory site, featuring links "to more than 155,000 cybershops worldwide."

The new NetMall is easier to navigate and features links to UPS, Fed-Ex and Airborne Express Web sites to track deliveries, the company said. There is no fee to add a business to the database.

"Today's consumer is more comfortable with the Web and, as a result, commerce-based sites are becoming very popular," said Josh Schneider, vice president of research and development at AIS. "NetMall represents the most diverse e-commerce site available on the Net today."

AIS is an Internet service and consulting firm providing solutions for clients including Ameritech, Altschuler Melvoin and Glasser LLP, American Marketing Association, Leo Burnett Advertising and Zurich/Kemper Life Insurance.