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Public Technologies Delivers 3-D Model Software for E-Commerce

Public Technologies Multimedia in Montreal, Canada, released My Virtual Model, software technology that allows consumers to create a 3-D model of their bodies to try on clothing selections before buying.

The first U.S. retailer to employ the technology is Lands' End, a large direct marketer of apparel, which will feature the technology on its Web site beginning this holiday season.

Public Technologies said the product enables consumers to enter a retailer's Web site, create a customized model to illustrate their body type, and to apply different clothing and styles to the silhouette before purchasing. Consumers also receive fashion advice as to the most flattering choices offered by the retailer.

Lands' End's customized shopper is branded as "Your Personal Model." The Lands' End site will provide clothing choices to the customer in style, size and color that can produce more than 1,000 different clothing ensembles.

"Your Personal Model provides the Lands' End shopper with an online shopping assistant that personalizes the whole experience on the Internet," said Willie Doyle, manager of marketing and strategic development at Lands' End. "By incorporating advanced 3-D and personalization technology, customers can 'try on' a multitude of garments that enhance their body type."

"We believe that our use of Your Personal Model will set our site apart from other online shopping destinations," said Doyle. "Not only will shopping be easier and more fun, but also customers will be happier with the fit of their purchases."

Public Technologies Multimedia will allow each licensee to create a distinct, branded name for the product on its own site.

"Your Personal Model is Lands' End's version, and enables the retailer to treat its customers as people, not just consumers," said Dr. Louise Guay, founder and president of the company.

The technology employs advanced server-side technology to allow the creation of personalized 3-D human images and 3-D virtual dressing capabilities. Its open architecture is easily interfaced with existing retail and e-commerce systems, the company said. When combined with content personalization based on body type, lifestyle choices and user navigation, the user has a unique one- to-one experience.

"While My Virtual Model ties in with the trend to personalization and mass customization, the technology creates a lot of one-to-one dialogue that delivers the touch of a personal shopper to the mass market," said Guay. "And, a shopper is apt to be more honest with their virtual model than they would be with a real person."

As the technology is further enhanced, it will include more options, such as skin tone, eye color, facial structure and more personalized body structures, the company said. The licensing fee structure was not disclosed.