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Theglobe.com Launches Direct Marketing Initiative

Community site operator theglobe.com in New York launched globeDirect, a direct marketing and retail service aimed at supplying its membership with point and click buying power.

"With globeDirect, we can now blend innovative direct response initiatives with real community functionality," said Stephan Paternot, co-CEO of theglobe.com. "The service will feature products that tie into the demographics and interests of theglobe.com's members."

"Our 'opted-in' members will have the opportunity to purchase products relative to their specific interests at competitive prices with incentives such as special discounts, frequent buyer rebates and volume discounts," said Will Margiloff, director of sales.

Consumer products will include computer software, hardware, DVD movies, electronics, high-tech equipment, toys and gadgetry. globeDirect will update members once a week on new products for sale.

Theglobe.com said it will expand member participation by incorporating globeDirect into the community site's registration process, as well as in various themed areas of the site. Existing members will have the ability to opt-in to globeDirect by providing their e-mail address in one of the opt-in boxes on the site or in theglobe.com's Member Services area.

Members who wish to make a purchase from a globeDirect e-mail simply have to click on an embedded URL, taking them to a page with a full product description, as well as all of the special offer details.