RealTime IT News Opens Store on AOL Inc., an online movie store and subsidiary of Hollywood Entertainment Corp. dba Hollywood Video, signed a deal with America Online to be a partner on AOL's Shopping channel. will become a tenant in America Online's Electronics and Videos department located within the Shopping area. The deal includes a continuing presence on, the AOL online service, as well as the Compuserve online service. also announced that AOL customers will be offered exclusive promotions on a regular basis. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"Millions of shoppers stroll through AOL's virtual shopping mall each and every day," said Julie Wainwright, chief executive officer of "It is an important strategic advantage for to have a store front in this high traffic location. Likewise, AOL members will benefit as uses this virtual storefront and other areas on AOL to communicate exclusive special promotions to members."

Visitors to the AOL shopping malls will be able to jump to's online video store from links in each area. In addition, will be marketed to AOL and Compuserve users through rotating banner ads, regular promotions, and by typing in the keyword Reel. offers 100,000 VHS movie titles and 2,300 DVDs, as well as movie information, such as complete director, actor and actress filmographies, as well as cast and credit information. In addition, all movie references are linked to overview pages that are developed by's staff of more than 40 writers.