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Women Lead Online Holiday Shopping Spree

The second part of a holiday e-commerce study shows that online shopping increased nearly 80 percent during the week after Thanksgiving (December 4-10), compared to the previous week.

And, the majority (55%) of online shoppers during the seven-day period were women ages 12 and older, according to the second part of the Media Metrix Holiday E-Commerce study.

Visits to department store sites showed the greatest week-to-week increase, jumping 137 percent. When compared to the average weekly traffic in November, toy sites continued to lead with a 146 percent increase in visitors over the November weekly average. Books, music and movies, as well as specialty clothing stores also showed significant increases.

"This week's changes are impressive and suggest that shoppers are motivated to use a mouse and a modem rather than fight crowds in malls or on Main Street," said Bob Ivins, Media Metrix senior vice president in charge of e-commerce initiatives.

Fifty-five percent of online holiday shoppers during week two were females 12 and older, with females 18 to 34 holding the highest overall audience composition at 23 percent. Among men, audience composition to shopping sites was highest among 18 to 34 year olds, at 20 percent.

Female unique visitors 12 and older increased by 90 percent from week one to week two. Among them, females 35-49 increased by 100 percent. Male unique visitors 12 and older increased by 67 percent from week one to week two, while males 50 and older increased by 142 percent.

Media Metrix uses a suite of patented software "meters" to measure actual Internet and digital media audience usage behavior. The meters capture real- time, actual behavior of Internet users at the time it occurs.