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CustomDisc.com to Open Store on MSN Shopping

CustomDisc.com is joining the MSN Shopping channel as a merchant in the "Music and Videos" category.

Consumers who visit the MSN shopping site will have one-click access to the CustomDisc Web site, where they can purchase pre-made custom compilations or choose individual tracks to create their own personalized CustomDiscs. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

The CustomDisc.com site now includes more than 185,000 songs from more than 115 record labels, including 3,500 Billboard Top 100 hits.

To aid site visitors in finding the music that best suits their taste, CustomDisc.com includes Style Lounges dedicated to different music genres, with lists of featured artists and songs, as well as suggested compilations. Expert music editors also make individual track recommendations and produce pre-made compilations.

Each CustomDisc holds up to 70 minutes of music and can be personalized by users with their own choice of artwork, album title, unique gift-giving messages and wrapping options. A 10-track CustomDisc costs $15.99 plus shipping.