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Novell Delivers Instant Messaging App for Business

Novell Inc. delivered an app called "instantme," an instant messaging client designed for business communications on the Internet.

Targeted at businesses, the company said that instantme extends the ability for users to communicate in real-time with partners, suppliers and customers as well as take part in private conversations that demand quick response.

In addition, instantme users can create and manage group lists, monitor when their associates and co-workers are online, and communicate with AOL's Buddy List Network, the largest instant messaging community.

Novell said it plans to release a secure version of instantme in the second quarter that will integrate encryption and digital certificates in order to increase trust between two or more parties and ensure integrity and confidentiality of messages exchanged over the Internet.

instantme leverages Novell's NDS eDirectory and "digitalme" identity services platform. Using the directory, instantme stores users' business contact information and makes it available from anywhere on the Net. By offering roaming capabilities and real-time access to important contact information, digitalme allows users to respond quickly to urgent matters no matter where they are or what station they're working from.

"Today's instant messaging products are focused on enabling consumer-to-consumer communication. While these products have become ingrained in the consumer market, enterprises have started to realize the need to deliver a communication medium for quick messages," said Dave Shirk, senior vice president of product management at Novell.

"Novell is addressing the enterprise market with instantme. It enables e-businesses to quickly communicate with co-workers and trading partners on the Internet."

instantme is a free download from here.