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theglobe.com Adds Services for Web Entrepreneurs

Online community network theglobe.com signed several strategic partnerships with B2B companies that will enable small business owners and consumers to enhance their online presence.

Programs will include a virtual business agency through DigitalWork.com, a domain registration service provided by Internet Domain Registrars and an aggregated affiliate program powered by Be Free in which several categories of merchants will be hosted under a single theglobe.com affiliate program.

The partnerships for the community network's Small Business Resource Center will reside on both theglobe.com's flagship site as well as on its small business hosting service WebJump, which caters exclusively to the small business owner. Financial arrangements with the partner companies were not disclosed.

"With the Small Business Resource Center, theglobe.com, has developed unique and customized packages that allow strategic partners the ability to hone in on one of the most valuable and hard to find target audiences," said Will Margiloff, director of sales at theglobe.com,

Entrepreneurs will have access to DigitalWork.com's public relations, marketing, sales, recruiting, finance and information technology advice that can assist them in the way they do business on the Web.

Registrars.com and theglobe.com's partnership will allow visitors to purchase domains for $59.98 for a two-year registration through registrars.com's three-step registration system.

The Be Free deal includes a customized aggregated affiliate program for users at theglobe.com's flagship site and WebJump. A simple "point and click" will enable theglobe.com or WebJump's users to sign on to the company's affiliate program, gaining access to several categories of merchants at once, rather than having to select them individually.