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Webdata.com Adds Online Shopping Comparison Category

ExperTelligence Inc., a provider of Web-based, database server technology added a shopping comparison category to WebData.com, its Internet database portal.

The inclusion of the shopping comparison category within WebData 4D (WD4D), ExperTelligence's proprietary, patent-pending Web user interface, enables users to locate the most competitive price for a given product at leading e- commerce sites in the following categories: books, computers, software, movies and music.

The shopping comparison category currently queries Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Spree.com, Buscoe Books, ChaptersGlobe, MicroWarehouse, American Computers Shopping Network, CDW, Computer Warehouse, TWEC.com, Blockbuster, Movies Unlimited, Moviehouse.com, CD Universe, CD Now, CD World, Music BLVD, Beyond.com, Software2Buy, and Software Plus.

For example, a user interested in buying music can click on one of the sites in the Music section, enter the title in a single field and gain immediate access to a CD's price and availability in real time.

"During many searches, the current shopping comparison sites only spider to limited data on a site and, quite often, the information has been cached, which results in inaccuracies," said Denison Bollay, president of ExperTelligence. "As with our recently introduced auctions comparison category, WD4D Shopping simplifies searching multiple shopping sites for an item."

"WebData WD4D Shopping is the perfect interactive, 'virtual' middleman for connecting buyers and sellers," said Robert Reali, vice president of ExperTelligence. "Buyers need only to bookmark WebData.com and enter in what they want to buy once and, with one click, compare the exact same items between the sellers."

Founded in 1984, ExperTelligence is a Web Internet consulting and software company specializing in the development and hosting of Web/Database and Electronic Commerce application solutions using its flagship products WebBase and ExperForms.