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eCHARGE Delivers Payment Option for Microsoft Wallet

eCHARGE Corp., which markets a transaction system that applies e-commerce charges to consumer phone bills, delivered a new payment option for the Microsoft Wallet.

The new extension offers merchants and consumers increased safety and convenience for online commerce. Merchants and consumers may download this component here.

eCHARGE integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Wallet, enabling merchants to accept payment through the eCHARGE billing system, the company said. The consumer simply updates their Wallet to include the eCHARGE component at the merchant site. Merchants that are Wallet enabled can keep their user interface consistent when implementing eCHARGE.

The Microsoft Wallet is designed for consumers and online businesses to make online shopping more convenient and secure. It features two controls: an address control for storing and retrieving ship-to and bill-to addresses, and a payment control for securely storing and retrieving private payment information, such as credit cards, digital cash, electronic checks, or loyalty program data.

"By offering the eCHARGE transaction system, Microsoft Wallet adds a leading payment service to its trusted brand in commerce-enabling software,'' said Ron Erickson, CEO of eCHARGE. "We're extending the usability of Microsoft Wallet with the implementation of the eCHARGE transaction system by being the only solution that is so elegantly simple."

"We created the Microsoft Wallet with an open payment architecture to give consumers freedom of choice in how they pay for goods and services online. With the integration of eCHARGE the consumer is offered an easy, familiar way to bill their online transactions," said Michael Pinckney, industry marketing manger for commerce at Microsoft.