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TheTrip.com, Visa Launch Reward Program

Internet travel and information service TheTrip.com in Denver launched a TripMiles Reward Program in conjunction with Visa U.S.A.

The new program allows travelers to earn miles each time they purchase airfare on TheTrip.com using their Visa card. To kick off the program, during the month of January, travelers earn triple the miles for every dollar spent.

"Our new TripMiles Reward program is. . .the most generous rewards program we've seen to date," said Antoine Toffa, president and CEO of TheTrip.com. "We. . .recognize the value of frequent flyer miles to today's mobile professionals. They are by far the favored perk of perpetual travelers."

Later this month, travelers can begin tracking their account balance online and converting this award into frequent flyer miles with participating major airlines. Full program details are available here.

"TheTrip.com joins Visa's growing family of e-commerce partnerships with leading online destinations," said Liz Silver, senior vice president, advertising, Visa U.S.A. "As e-commerce continues to grow, these alliances will serve to accelerate its adoption by introducing millions of consumers to the exclusive benefits of online shopping with Visa."

TheTrip.com offers round-the-clock air, hotel and car reservations, city, airport, hotel and weather information, and other value-added services.