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AudioBasket Launches On-Demand Service

AudioBasket Wednesday launched a new service allowing Internet users to receive audio broadcasts of news and a variety of other information from several well-known content providers.

At the heart of the company's service, unveiled at Spring Internet World 2000, is a proprietary, Web-based application that helps users search content from partners and then have the content played back over the Internet.

When users sign up for the service, they are asked to complete a profile specifying the type of content in which they are interested. Using that profile, AudioBasket will locate and download information directly. Users can also forward their audio baskets to others. The service works not only with personal computers, but also with cellular phones and any other portable playback device.

Content partners already signed up include the Associated Press, ABC News, Bloomberg, British Broadcasting Corp., Byte.com, Financial Times, Stardate and ZDTV.

Currently, a beta version of the product is available. Testing of the final release is scheduled to be complete by the end of May.