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Reel.com Partners With Visa

Online movie store Reel.com signed a strategic marketing partnership agreement with Visa U.S.A.

Reel.com will deliver a variety of exclusive promotions to the 600 million Visa cardholders worldwide through Visa's 21,000-member financial institutions. In exchange, Visa will receive preferred status and prominent branding throughout the Reel.com site and will be the default payment card on the site's checkout page.

In support of the partnership, Reel.com will be the featured shopping partner at the Visa web site during the Visa Valentine's Day Promotion.

"Reel.com is pleased to partner with a leading payment system that gives added credibility and security to our online store," said Julie Wainwright, chief executive officer of Reel.com.

Reel.com will design promotions exclusively for Visa cardholders, such as discount coupons, free videos, and much more. These offers will be distributed via the Visa member banks throughout the year.

"Visa's partnerships with leading online destinations, such as Reel.com, are accelerating the adoption of e-commerce by introducing millions of consumers to the exclusive benefits and compelling experience of online shopping," said Liz Silver, senior vice president, advertising, Visa U.S.A.