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New Real-Time E-Commerce Survey Service Launched

Active Research, a provider of Web-based market research automation services, launched ActiveFlash, a custom outsourced service that surveys e-commerce consumers as they decide what products to buy across the Internet.

The company said the service allows businesses to pose questions on any subject and receive timely market feedback to aid day-to-day decision making.

ActiveFlash is administered by Active Research through its partner network, which includes dozens of e-commerce destinations, including GO.com, iWon, mySimon, ShopNow, Productopia and Lycos.

The company said ActiveFlash surveys rely on a research method similar to 'mall intercepts' in the off-line world -- where retail shoppers are questioned as they walk from store to store. ActiveFlash improves upon this by intercepting consumers at the virtual product shelf -- the actual point of decision online. ActiveFlash allows business decision makers to "peer over the shoulder" of online shoppers in more than 100 product areas, the company said.

"It's difficult to reach people actively shopping for a particular product, such as an MP3 player for example. ActiveFlash enables any business to get feedback quickly from these traditionally expensive, hard to reach consumer segments," said Tom DuBois, president and chief executive officer of Active Research.

The new service offers cross tabulation by question or demographic, analysis of open-ended questions, and export of results to Excel. Pricing starts at $3,000 for a representative sample of 300 responses, with discounts for multiple surveys.

Active Research offers real-time market intelligence services that enable product manufacturers and retailers to understand and respond to changing customer demands.

Market intelligence is generated through a network of portal, content and merchant partners that host buyer's guides powered by Active Research.