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RioPort Launches Audio Manager 3

RioPort Inc. Wednesday launched version 3 of its RioPort Audio Manager software.

The new jukebox software features audio and video playback capabilities for downloadable or streaming content, the ability to create custom CDs for playback of music and spoken word content on home or car CD players, the ability to manage and download to portable devices, and easy acquisition and downloading of tracks in multiple formats using an integrated Web browser.

"One of our goals at RioPort is to offer a complete and easy-to-use media application that meets the needs of both the consumer and copyright holders," said Todd Moore, director of product management for platform systems at RioPort, Inc. "With RioPort Audio Manager 3, consumers can play a variety of media content in multiple formats with great ease."

RioPort's Audio Manager 3 is MetaTrust Certified (by InterTrust Technologies and also supports Microsoft's Windows Media Format, providing secure commerce infrastructure for content holders. The RioPort Audio Manager respects all usage limits that are associated with secure content packaged in an InterTrust or Microsoft system.

RioPort is also offering consumers free upgrades for unlimited MP3 encoding. For a period of 30 days, users can download the RioPort Audio Manager 3 at: www.mtv.com, www.vh1.com, www.sonicnet.com, www.ministryofsound.com or www.rioport.com.