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Sonic Intros Pro Audio Mastering

Sonic Solutions Thursday introduced iMaster, which enables professional audio engineers to master for CD-Audio and DVD-Audio production and simultaneously compress the results for audio over the internet.

Masters produced by Sonic iMaster are compatible with SMDI compliant DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems. iMaster lets users create a master from a new recording and allows them to load a CD, DDP and 1630 master automatically from archived content.

"We believe the Internet is becoming one of the most important distribution mediums for record companies and digital content providers," said Toni Fiedler, managing director and co-founder at SYRINX music & media, a leading DVD production house in Hamburg, a major center for digital media business in Europe.

"In addition to preparing content using traditional CD-Audio and our work in new formats such as DVD-Audio and audio for DVD-Video, we now look forward to preparing audio for Internet distribution. By adding multiple format functionality into our SonicStudio HD workstation, Sonic ensures that we will be a true multi-format production facility for clients who are planning to distribute in any secure fashion."