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Ecount Launches Personal Web Spending Accounts

Ecount.com launched an eponymous, spendable personal Web account service, designed to let people send, spend and receive money online instantly and securely.

Using established financial services and Web infrastructures, Ecount enables Internet users to conduct secure online transactions through pre-paid personal accounts.

Based on a proprietary transaction platform, which also powers the company's first product, Webcertificate.com, the Ecount service "was developed to enable all Internet users, including those unable or unwilling to use credit cards, to transact online with unprecedented convenience and security," the company said.

Consumers who have an Ecount never have to give out their credit card online again, the company said.

"Ecount will revolutionize the way consumers and businesses transact online because it delivers exactly what they are looking for -- privacy, security, ease of use and access -- to make cash transactions online instantly," said Matt Gillin, chief executive officer and co-founder of Ecount. " In addition, Ecount will serve as an efficient and cost-effective tool for businesses to acquire new customers, and use the Internet as a way to make payments without cutting checks."

The Ecount service is free of charge. Accounts may be created at the Web site, where consumers may add funds, send money to anyone via e-mail, request and receive payments from others, shop at any online merchant, or transfer funds to a credit card account. Consumers can add funds instantly to an Ecount from a credit card account.

Consumers can instantly spend the funds in their Accounts at any online merchant that accepts credit cards, the company said, as Ecount leverages established financial services infrastructures to assign valid pre-paid Web accounts that work like credit card and require no special software or downloads.

Founded in 1997 as C/Base, Ecount in 1998 launched its first product, Webcertificate.com, a gift certificate that can be used at any online store.