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Gartner Teams with InfoRay to Create eMetrix

Technology research and consulting firm Gartner Group Inc. launched eMetrix powered by InfoRay as a new standard for measuring B2B e-business.

eMetrix is a real-time monitor that enables e-businesses to react to critical changes across all business and technology areas.

It is designed to provide decision-makers with real-time views into vital data housed in traditionally disparate sources such as data warehouses, enterprise resource planning systems and corporate databases. The immediate metrics on e-business processes helps to prevent critical delays and keeps businesses running at Internet speed, Gartner said.

eMetrix is a strategic monitoring and measurement service and software tool that is customized for each individual organization's B2B enterprise.

eMetrix monitors and reports on every leg of an e-business in real time, sending alerts to CEOs, business unit managers and CFOs when a major business opportunity is in jeopardy due to timing along the supply chain.

eMetrix monitors the efficiency of the supply chain, customer loyalty, collaboration among suppliers, business partners and customers, e-procurement and B2B e-commerce. It adapts to any legacy system as well as any type of application and middleware, the company said.

"We're providing our clients with a forward-looking view of their businesses rather than an analysis of what has already happened," said Al Lill, Gartner's vice president of e-business transformation.

"This capability enables managers to identify their e-business challenges in real time and immediately put Gartner's strategic analysis into practice."

"InfoRay's alliance with Gartner significantly expands our reach into key markets and presents numerous opportunities for additional applications of our technology," said InfoRay CEO Ronald Tetteroo. Financial terms of the arrangement were not disclosed. InfoRay is a provider of real-time business monitors and "infostructure" that allow companies to maximize opportunities while managing the risk of high-speed business.