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Internet Consultant B2B Exchange Launched

ICplanet launched as an Internet exchange that connects businesses, including new economy companies, start-ups, and dot-coms, with professional independent consultants (ICs).

Using a patent-pending SmartSearch technology, ICplanet offers tools and services to narrow the search-to-hire time of finding, screening and qualifying professional consultants. The site offers immediate short and long-term staffing solutions and launches with a database of more than 20,000 users.

"The ICplanet technology is designed to maximize the chances of finding not just a close match, but a perfect match," said Douglas Carlston, founder and chairman of ICplanet.

"At every step of the search process, ICplanet empowers hiring managers and independent consultants to connect more quickly, easily and efficiently than ever before."

ICplanet said it "bypasses the antiquated system of keyword searches" by enabling hiring managers to build a personal profile for candidates. These easy-to-use drop-down menus search through a rich set of user-defined criteria, including specific skills and skill subsets, years of experience, availability, location of the candidate, industry experience, job function and specialization within a job function.

Users can weight search criteria and sort and rank candidates, for a custom-tailored fit between project openings and ICs. ICplanet also offers candidate screening: work history verification, professional credential certification as well as online prescreening tests that hiring managers can customize.

The knowledge-based search engine allows for perpetual searches using dynamic search features that send messages to the hiring managers' or recruiters' e-mail boxes with updates on candidate availability as well as newly registered ICs.

ICplanet's search engine lets consultants search for projects based on a number of details: location, start date, necessary skills, pay rate, years of experience required and whether the project is on-site or not. And to keep work flow steady, IC's can also set up a persistent search with automatic e-mail notification whenever an employer posts an appropriate new position.

The site even offers IC Cafe, an online community where consultants can mingle and network.