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Person-to-Person Credit Card Payments Enabled

eCommony Inc. launched its patent-pending PayToCard Network -- a person-to-person credit card payment-enabling technology for use over the Internet.

The company said the PayToCard Network offers every Web site, host, portal and ISP a complete drop-in person-to-person (P2P) payment infrastructure.

Any Web site can enable P2P e-commerce and for the first time, individual consumers can electronically accept secure credit card payments at the Web site of their choice, without registering at third party sites, eCommony said. The user does not even have to register as a PayToCard member.

"PayToCard removes the last obstacle to true P2P e-commerce," said Nitai Alush-Aben, chief executive officer of eCommony.

"Secure electronic payment systems are no longer limited to businesses. Every Web site using PayToCard services can allow credit card holders to process electronic transactions and accept money electronically."

"The PayToCard Network is another step in empowering Internet users to conduct business without intermediaries," said Alush-Aben. "Our system allows direct online transactions between any two people, anywhere and anytime."

PayToCard creates new opportunities for individuals to engage in private e-commerce, ranging from classifieds and garage sales to auctions and home businesses.

'Mediator platforms' such as auctions and classifieds Web sites will be the first to take advantage of the new P2P payment solution, eCommony said. Within a day after signing an agreement with eCommony, the mediator platform will be able to provide the service to its visitors.

Patent pending risk management systems and fraud detection and prevention techniques are built in to the network, the company said. The revenue model is to eventually charge participating Web sites.

When the buyer and seller agree to execute the transaction, at a PayToCard-enabled Web site, the transaction will be performed through the PayToCard Network transparently to the users.

The seller gets the payment credited directly to his or her credit card account. Both buyer's and seller's personal details -- such as credit card numbers and other private information -- are kept confidential, encrypted and anonymous, eCommony said.

eCommony is privately held by its founders and eXseed venture capital.