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WebAssured.com Teams With eccelerate.com

Online consumer site and trust operation WebAssured.com has established a relationship with eccelerate.com, a unit of the Dun & Bradstreet Corp., to increase the assurance level of its online business rating system.

WebAssured.com is an independent Web site certification and free online dispute resolution service company. With ShopAssured, its free browser plug-in, the company provides online shoppers with immediate independent information and reporting on the authenticity and integrity of Web sites.

eccelerate.com enhances trust in business identity and verifies credentials, enabling the real-time exchange of global business information.

Backed by the Dun & Bradstreet's global database of more than 58 million businesses worldwide, and eccelerate.com's information exchange technology and verification services, the new relationship allows WebAssured.com to enhance its "dot.confidence ratings" system. Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed.

"WebAssured.com is dramatically changing the way buyers make decisions about their e-commerce transactions," said Andre Dahan, president of eccelerate.com and Dun & Bradstreet - North America. "With this partnership, WebAssured.com members will be able to conduct online business with an added level of trust in bringing buyers and sellers together."

Webassured.com insures online purchases and offers money back guarantees for purchases made at participating member sites through an agreement with Lloyds of London. The company invites consumers who have had problems with any online purchase to fill out a free on-line complaint form. To date, WebAssured.com claims to have successfully resolved over 95 percent of complaints filed against member Web sites, and 76 percent of complaints against non-members. Web sites pay to become members.