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Record Online Buying Spree Forecast for Mother's Day

A record number of moms will receive gifts purchased from Internet merchants this year, says a new survey of shoppers.

The survey of more than 8,300 online buyers conducted April 19-24 found that nearly 90 percent of those who purchased Mother's Day gifts online last year plan to do so again this holiday season, according to BizRate.com.

But the majority of shoppers going online to find gifts for moms -- more than 80 percent -- will be selecting Mother's Day gifts on the Internet for the first time.

"Every holiday re-validates the strong future of e-commerce and this Mother's Day is no exception," said Paul Bates, BizRate.com vice president of research. "Despite what happens in the financial marketplace, e-commerce continues to build momentum"

Online Mother's Day orders this year are projected to number over one million and come to almost $80 million in sales, compared to 250,000 orders last year totaling $13.6 million in sales, according to BizRate.com.

Survey respondents cited flowers (18 percent) as their most likely gift purchase, followed by e-greeting cards (10 percent). In third place (8 percent) was a broad entertainment category encompassing music, books, videos and event tickets.

Key survey findings:

  • About two-thirds of all online buyers plan to purchase Mother's Day gifts online
  • On average, online buyers said they would spend $80 on gifts honoring moms
  • Those who purchased Mother's Day gifts online last year plan to spend more on average ($100) this year than first-time Mother's Day shoppers ($73)
  • On average, men plan to spend more online ($88) for Mother's Day gifts than women ($72)

BizRate.com operates a marketplace, governed by customer ratings, linking online buyers to leading online merchants. Its proprietary customer ratings form the backbone of the marketplace.