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Cardonet Upgrades e-Market Catalog Suite

B2B catalog content solutions provider Cardonet debuted version 2.0 of its catalog aggregation product, Cardonet MarketStand Suite.

The new version simplifies the process of supplier product classification, reducing the resources required for creating and managing transactive e-marketplace catalogs.

Transforming supplier product information into the classification structure used by the e-marketplace is a key part of the catalog content aggregation process. Cardonet MarketStand includes a graphical classification tool that facilitates a drag-and-drop approach. Cardonet said its solution enables e-marketplaces to automate the entire publication, classification and aggregation process.

"By applying this highly automated solution, businesses eliminate the need for manual creation and maintenance of their integrated catalogs," said Itay Meiri, chief executive officer of Cardonet.

Cardonet MarketStand automatically processes changes in supplier product information such as pricing and availability, without human intervention, which reduces ongoing maintenance and resource requirements, the company said.

Cardonet's customers and strategic partners include Ariba, Asera, Consolidated Commerce, Cross Commerce, Epylon, Intelligent Digital, Intershop, Sherwood Forest, and Yantra.