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EBay's Ad Trial Too 'Narrow' For Some

Cable networks are pulling out of eBay's Online Media Exchange systems.

The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB), a television advertising advocacy group, announced the decision after member networks tested eBay's online system for buying and selling TV ad time and came away disappointed.

"It became apparent that the Media Exchange was too narrow an application, had clear connectivity issues related to cable’s emerging end-to-end e-business platforms and lacked the provisions necessary for capturing critical strategic and idea-driven intelligence during a buy,” CAB president and CEO Sean Cunningham said in a statement.

EBay did not respond to a request for comment.

Cunningham also said that the refusal by major advertising agencies to participate in the exchange helped the CAB decide to quit the project.

The news comes only days after Google launched its own TV advertising trial. The company announced a deal with satellite television provider EchoStar that will allow advertisers to purchase Google TV ads through an auction model similar to Google's Adwords product.

The deal with EchoStar will allow advertisers to target their ads by demographic, time of day and channel, as well as pay only for actual impressions delivered.

Marketers will be able to tell if viewers change the channel during their commercial. Pricing will be on a cost- per-thousand (CPM) basis.

JupiterResearch analyst Kevin Heisler called Google's TV ad trial a "game changer."