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AltaVista Radio Hits the Airwaves

AltaVista Company Monday launched AltaVista Radio, with more than 150 channels of streaming audio. The addition of at least 50 channels is anticipated within the next few months.

The channels on AltaVista Radio are categorized into 13 music genres and include over 180,000 songs. Along with traditional pop music, listeners can access stations devoted exclusively to global genres, including Celtic, Electronica, Rock en Espanol and Modern Swing. Users are able to select and pre-set up to four stations.

Broadcasts are available through a browser-based player, which was created by RadioAmp. A user interface eliminates the downloading process that is often required with other application-based radio services. The radio service is integrated throughout network's existing channels and directories, making it accessible from almost anywhere on the company's site.

Email-based customer support is provided to answer listener questions and accept feedback. Revenue opportunities for select sponsorships will be offered in the future.

Users also can access information about an artist, song and/or album while listening to a broadcast. Cover art can be viewed, and there is an option to purchase almost any CD on the play list. Plans to incorporate chat rooms so that listeners can interact with others are in under way. "

Not only are we providing very simple instructions to follow, but the fact that there's no downloading makes this as easy to use as traditional radio," said Ross Levinsohn, executive producer at AltaVista. "Users can literally listen to their favorite music in seconds."